Articles about Vines, Hedges and Shrubs

Pruning Deciduous Shrubs
Correct pruning is important for the deciduous shrubs in your yard. Learn the best techniques to maintain your shrubs' health.

Pruning Ground Covers
Ground covers don't usually require much pruning except to remove unhealthy awkward or straggling branches. Find out what care your variety needs.

Pruning Hedges Or Screen Plants
Learn the best way to shape and maintain your hedges and screen plants.

Untangling Raspberry Pruning
Growing raspberries in your yard doesn't need to be a tangled nightmare. Start with a plan upon planting and continue to prune on a regular basis.

Tame Your Vines with Pruning
Find out how to prune your vines to limit growth, thin stems and branches, and to remove any dead or damaged wood.

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