Articles about General Pruning Advice

Pruning At The Wrong Time
Deciding when to prune is as much decided by what you want to accomplish as it is by the season. Turn this knowledge into a pruning plan for your trees and shrubs.

Cutting Fresh Flowers
Enjoy your flowers indoors. Get tips on how to make them last and last.

Prune for Good Health
Read about why good pruning is essential to enhance your plants' health and growth potential. Don't wait until it's too late!

Pleaching: The Special Pruning Technique that Creates SHADE!
Tips on how to coax a tree or vine to shade a walkway or road.

Pollarding Pruning Technique
Read about a European style of pruning trees called pollarding. Find out how to keep the size of your trees maintained with a formal, well-mannered look.

Prune Smart. Prune Safely
Safety is the key to getting your pruning jobs done right. Find out how to prepare for safe and productive pruning.

Follow Proper Pruning Techniques
Following the basics of pruning is important to the health of your plants and trees. Learn how in this easy to follow plan.

Tree Care Calendar
The Southern Urban Forestry Associates provide the basic guidelines for what to prune when.

Making the Correct Pruning Cut
Good intentions don't always make the cut. Make sure you prune right to avoid damaging your tree or plant.

The Mistake of Tree Topping
Cutting the tops off of trees and plants is almost always the wrong strategy. There are several alternatives that are sure to solve your problems.

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