Articles about Your Garden's Landscape

Pruning Landscape Plants
If you've spent a lot of time and money on landscaping your yard -- planning, selecting, installing, now it's time to develop a plan for pruning these valuable plants, trees, and bushes.

Landscaping with a Plan
Learn the importance of setting a plan for your landscaping. You'll find out that you shouldn't even plant one flower without thinking of the rest of the yard.

Front Yard Impressions
Find out how to plan landscaping for your front yard that will meet your style and maintenance requirements.

A Tilted View: Landscaping Challenges
If you have slopes or other landscaping obstacles in your yard, check out this article to learn how to turn them into attractive, useful elements in your yard.

Landscape Maintenance
Here's an overview of the regular maintenance your lawn, trees and shrubs require. It's a great reminder of what needs to be done.

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