Articles about Herb and Flower Gardening

Container Gardening-Uncontained Possibilities!
If you have been trying to figure out how to fit a garden in a limited amount of space, this article is a must-see for you! Learn about the advantages of different types of containers, what types of plants work best in containers and how to plant them.

To Deadhead or Not Deadhead: That is the Question
Deadheading flowers can extend their blooming season. Find out if deadheading is right for your flowers and how to do it.

Deadheading Chart and Guidelines
Find out which flowers respond best to deadheading and how to do it.

Pruning Indoors: A Treat for Your Houseplants
Just like your outdoor plants and trees, your houseplant deserve a good pruning every now and again too.

Preserving Your Flower Gardens
You work hard to grow beautiful flowers in your gardens. Why not preserve those flowers to enjoy indoors all year long? Check out this article to determine which preserving method is appropriate for the flowers and foliage you have. You'll learn that the cut is the key to successful preserving.

Preserving Your Delicious Herbs
Herbs dry brilliantly for year-round use. Learn how to dry your herbs for all your culinary delights.

The Joy of Herb Gardening
Find out how you can enjoy both the scent and taste of fresh herbs - either in pots indoors, in pots outdoors or in a garden in the yard. And here's a sneak peak at the best thing you can do for your herb plants: use them!

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