Articles about Deciduous and Fruit Bearing Trees

Apple Fruit Production and Tree Pruning
If you love apples and want to grow them in your yard, this article is for you. Learn some important factors for growing apple trees and encouraging fruit production. You'll also find out the best way to prune your apple trees.

Citrus Fruit Production
If you have citrus trees and wonder why they are not producing as you think they should, check out this article. It explains reasons why citrus trees may not bear fruits and how to remedy the situation. Learn how using the proper tools can make all the difference to your citrus trees.

Pruning Citrus Trees
Citrus trees need regular pruning to remove dead, weak and twiggy growth. Read about the best way to keep your citrus trees healthy.

Protecting Pruning Wounds
Learn about the value and precautions of using materials to cover pruning wounds.

Pruning Mature Trees
Once your trees are mature and established, you can still improve their health and appearance with regular care.

Pear Tree Pruning
If you have invested in pear trees to plant in your yard for fruit production, shade and/or beauty, you should protect that investment by learning how best to care for your pear tree. Read about how to give them the proper environment and care for growth and fruit production.

Pruning Split Trunks and Crotches
Find out what can be done to mend slit trunks, crotches or limbs.

Winterizing Trees: Dormant Season Preparations
Dr. Kim Coder from the University of Georgia explains what types of preparations should be done to prepare trees for winter.

Pruning Young Trees
Caring for young trees is essential to get them started in the right shape to encourage maximum growth. Learn about different techniques to get your young trees off to a great start.

Just Peachy
Check out these tips for choosing the right peach variety for your area, caring for your peach trees and how best to prune them to encourage growth and fruit production. Take away the apprehension of growing peach trees by having the know-how to care for them properly.

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